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Holiday Gifts!

If anyone had asked me what my greatest fear was transitioning into a travel advisor role twelve months ago, I would have said that I was concerned about enjoying planning and booking my future clients’ travel as much as I do my own personal travel. I am pleased to share that this was completely unfounded, and I have enjoyed hearing about my clients’ trips as much as I have experiencing my own. I truly do enjoy helping others to have a great travel experience.

I believe that travel is one of the greatest experiences anyone can have during their lifetime, and always would encourage the gift of an experience over an item that is quite often discarded and forgotten. A great personal example of this was approximately 25 years ago when I took my oldest nephew to Disneyworld following a serious illness. Twenty-five years later, he can still remember the smallest of details from that short trip to Disney but can’t remember any of the amazing birthday gifts he has received over the years. Experiences provide a lasting memory that you can all cherish together!

With this in mind, and my prior career in the healthcare industry, I feel passionate that everyone should have the opportunity to travel if possible and that having special needs shouldn’t prevent someone from traveling to see/experience things on their bucket list too. To put myself in the best position possible to support every client’s travel requirements, I am pleased to share that I have now completed the necessary training to be a SNG Certified Accessible Travel Advocate.

If you, or a family member has always dreamed about taking a Mediterranean Cruise but perhaps need a walker, or even a scooter, to feel confident that they can move around the cruise ship, I know how to make that happen. Whether it is something as simple as a walker or scooter, a recliner instead of a bed to sleep in, or as complex as a hospital bed and lift, these can be arranged to ensure that those travel dreams do come true. It is even possible to see the Mountain Gorillas, carried similarly to the Emperors of Rome on a stretcher! If you, or a family member has a special need that is preventing you from fulfilling your travel dreams, please contact me to see if I can transition those dreams into reality. Turn those Holiday Gifts into lifelong memories this year…..

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