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The sight of the huge world puts mad ideas into me, as if I could wander away, wander forever, see strange and beautiful things, one after the other.

- C.S. Lewis

What are your travel dreams? Feeling the sun on your back with sand between your toes? Exploring ancient cities with incredible architecture and history every which way you turn? Sitting on your private balcony with a sundowner in hand, cruising the rivers of central Europe? Enjoying the stunning scenery of the fjords in Scandanavia? Marveling at the unparalleled experience of a balloon flight across the Masai Mara whilst watching a herd of elephants drinking at a water hole below, all as the sun rises for another glorious day in Kenya? Or perhaps it's simply returning to a luxury hotel to relax before enjoying an incredible dinner.  

All of us have different visions of what defines luxury travel, but to each of us it is an experience that we will have for a lifetime, memories that are shared with family and friends.   It might be a graduation trip, a honeymoon, a “bucket list” expedition or the opportunity to travel with family, friends or solo to relax on a beach or to experience an adventure into places less travelled.

The internet is a great source of information, but there is such an abundance it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the information and reviews from strangers. It can take days, sometimes weeks, of researching only to find that you are no closer to finalizing your dream trip.

As your luxury travel consultant, with a global network of contacts that have in-depth local knowledge of the destination, I can minimize the time and investigation needed to curate your next adventure allowing you to focus on the anticipation, experience and enjoyment of the trip itself.  And, of course, I look forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return.

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My passion for travel is fueled by my interest in different cultures, history, architecture, cuisines and the experience of observing the majestic beauty of wild animals in their natural habitat. 

Traveling has given me so much – confidence, independence, strength, compassion, understanding, excitement and appreciation for the diversity the world has to offer. Many moments have taken my breath away in their brilliance. I am humbled to have had these opportunities, many of which have been as a solo female traveler.

It is almost impossible to explain the thrill of sitting in the midst of a family of mountain gorillas in Rwanda’s Parc Nationale Des Volcans, galloping across the Torres del Paine in Patagonia, or walking through the city of Sophia, Bulgaria with its uncharted treasures and hidden surprises dating back to the 4th – 5th millennium B.C. when the first pre-historic settlements were established.  There are so many opportunities just waiting to be discovered...

Having grown up in England, I traveled extensively across Europe prior to moving to the US about 20 years ago. In my previous career I was fortunate to have the opportunity to live in Ghana and South Africa for two years, creating a love of Africa that takes me back whenever I have a chance. To-date, I have traveled to seventy-one countries across five of the seven continents, however in the words of Susan Santog “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”! 

I truly believe that travel is a priority in life – the benefits and experiences are priceless. I would love the opportunity to learn more about you and your travel dreams so we might curate similar magical moments for you, your family and friends.  

Charlotte French
Founder | Luxury & Speciality Travel Consultant
Service Fees
Service Fees

Cavatica Luxury Travel provides one-of-a-kind customized travel planning, and as such, charge fees for their time and knowledge. Their experience, network of partners, and exclusive access provide the optimum experience and value for clients. Fees are charged after the initial complimentary explore conversation and only should you choose to move forward with the travel planning. Fees start as follows and may go up based on the complexity and length of the trip.

Travel Planning Consultation and Initiation Fee  ~ per person *                                                                                 

Purchased Airfare Ticketing/Change Fee ~ per ticket/person                                           

Hourly Rate for Concierge Services, Additional Research, Multiple Revisions         

Cancellation Fee  ~ per person     

* Minimum Fee is $500                                                                                                          

from $375

from $70

from $125

from $250



For simple hotel bookings with our preferred partners, inquire, as fees may be waived.  All service fees are non-refundable.

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