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Finding my Un-ness!

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

What is un-ness [uhn-nis]? UnCruise Adventures define this as - "to break away from the masses. Challenge. Freely used to release, exemplify, or intensity a force or quality. To engage, connect and explore unique places, oneself, and with others on a most uncommon adventure."

· The challenge was my first river cruise –

· The intensity, the incredible bounty of farm-to-table meals offered every day and the tasting and/or drinking of close to 100 wines of all grape varieties from winemakers in Washington and Oregon –

But perhaps the most incredible part of this past week has been seeing the power of the Columbia River and its' tributaries, and the history that has evolved over the centuries along their path. It has been a time of exploring unique places and learning about the regions native American tribes and the many struggles they have experienced.

It’s been a fabulous week and one of the most relaxing trips I can remember taking over the past decade or so. I was concerned about being “trapped” on a boat for a week and not having the freedom of choice that I usually have as a solo traveler on land, but those concerns quickly evaporated as I appreciated the different type of ‘release’ being on a river boat provides.

The only decisions I needed to make was which wines to taste and what I wanted to eat, although even that was made easy by the team at UnCruise – the chef and his team were only too willing to provide ½ and ½ of two different entrees, and on one occasion even served ½, ½ and ⅓ as every dish sounded, and was, amazing!

The river itself was very calm and sailing along at steady pace provided for a very soothing and relaxing experience.

Each day we disembarked the S.S. Legacy for one or more different excursions and were also treated to some excellent talks on the ship by the specialists on board. With visits to a total of seven wineries, a tour and tasting at a brewery producing IPA’s and some excellent Kombucha, time to explore Multnomah Falls, a wine and cheese pairing at Walter Clore Wine and Culinary center, exploring the Columbia Gorge Museum and it’s raptor rehabilitation center and other short stops too numerous to mention, the week was a perfect mix of activity and relaxation.

As an avid photographer on my journeys I have included a selection of the best shots from the week, many of which were selected by friends as their favorites - I hope you enjoy the slide show below. With stunning sunrises and sunsets on the river and some beautiful clear blue skies we couldn’t have wished for better weather, particularly for the middle of November in Oregon, on this first, of what I hope, will be many river journeys in my future.

If you haven’t ever considered a river cruise to be in your future, I would urge you to re-consider. Whether you travel solo, with family, a mother/daughter trip or go with a group of friends, you will have a wonderful time!! There are many too choose from both here in the US or abroad, the most difficult part is deciding which journey to go on first.

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