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Condé Nast Traveler – Top Travel Specialist 2021

From the first discussions I had with the team at Avenue Two Travel, I knew that I had found the perfect fit for my new adventure and second career in Travel. During the months leading up to officially launching my new business, Cavatica Luxury Travel, I understood how important it was to find the best host agency for me, that would enable me to grow quickly in my knowledge of the best practices for a Luxury Travel Advisor.

What is a host travel agency you may ask? In summary it is an established Travel Company, that provides the necessary systems and credentials to support their independent travel affiliates. The best host agency is well-respected by its' travel partners and one that has excellent relationships with cruise lines, tour companies, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, car rental agencies, on-site destination experts and travel insurance vendors established over many years in the industry.

As an independent affiliate of one of the best host agencies, I leverage those relationships that have, in many instances, taken years to develop and nurture, and build on these myself to create and deliver incredible experiences for my clients. Of course, even the best partner for one client, is not going to be the best partner to use for another client. Each has their individual strengths and will suit different styles of travelers, more so than others, therefore one of the most important roles I have on behalf of my client is to identify the best partner(s) for their trip.

My affiliation with Avenue Two Travel and my personal commitment and drive to become the best I can be as a Travel Advisor for my clients, has enabled me to be recognized twice in two years. At the end of 2019, my first full year in business, I was included by the global travel industry publication, Luxury Travel Advisor as a 2019 Trendsetter, which was an incredible honor. This week, after what has been a very tumultuous year with the global pandemic effectively shutting down our industry, I am absolutely thrilled to be recognized and included in the Condé Nast Traveler – Top Travel Specialist 2021 list.

This list includes just 425 of the world’s top travel advisors and destination management companies, many of whom I partner with to deliver my clients’ travel experiences. It is one of the highest accolades in the travel industry to be selected as part of this austere group of travel professionals, and I am proud to be able to share this news.

I would like to thank all those who have supported me in my growth in the travel industry, most especially my wonderful clients who have entrusted their travel dreams, their hard-earned funds and most precious of all, their time to me, to plan and deliver their vacations. I also would like to acknowledge and thank all my partners, present and future, in the industry who have worked with me on location to deliver the very best travel experiences for my clients. I strive to both meet and exceed my clients’ expectations for their trips and this is not possible without a team of incredible travel industry professionals, all of whom have also been dreadfully impacted by the pandemic. It is the knowledgeable guides who are excellent with engaging my clients’ children, the hotel managers who ensure that every small detail is addressed for my clients’ arrival, to the excellent team of staff, who remember if they prefer their breakfast with tea or coffee, and many more, that ensure that my clients’ trip is seamless. It is my role to know my clients’ preferences, listen to what they would like to experience, and to know what those unsaid highlights would be, and then selectively engage and work with the best partners to develop the ideal trip with my clients. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey thus far, and I look forward to enjoying many more years of delivering memorable travel experiences for my clients.

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